Whenever you need to uncover more truthful and more useful information to make more informed decisions – you need Perceptive Interviewing® skills.

The Perceptive Interviewing® programs were developed in 2001 and since then have been sought after and highly praised by interviewing professionals in Australia and internationally.

Whether you are interviewing to hire, interviewing in an investigation or interviewing to make a business or security based decisions, the Perceptive Interviewing® programs will help. Learn skills and boost your confidence to be able to uncover more truthful and more useful information, helping you to make informed decisions.

Programs are available in short seminar format up to 4-day comprehensive programs, with options in between.

Perceptive Interviewing®

for Security Professionals

Perceptive Interviewing®

for HR & Business Professionals

Perceptive Interviewing®

One Day Masterclass