Perceptive Interviewing® Masterclass

Confidence to obtain truthful and useful information in any interview

Interviewing is too important to ‘wing’ to or leave it to chance.

While most people know how to ask basic questions to get a response, that doesn’t equal a great interview.

If you are making important decisions from the information obtained in interviews, then it is critical that you don’t cut corners or hand this responsibility to someone who does not have a high level of skill, awareness and interest in the outcome. It’s just too important to get wrong.

Hidden truth, twisted truth and misleading information can lead you down a path that can result in hiring the wrong person, making the wrong investment, drawing the wrong conclusions, trusting the wrong person, or believing something that simply isn’t true.

These are risks that can cost you time, money or heartache and directly affect your business, your brand, or your reputation.

Everyone in business who is tasked with the responsibility of conducting interviews, whether it be daily, monthly or occasionally must be equipped with the ability to obtain truthful and useful information.

Developing high-level skills, to be able to encourage more truth, read multi channel behaviour, and uncover information that matters, starts here, with the one-day Perceptive Interviewing® Masterclass.

You Will Learn

Building on existing knowledge, you will expand your skills and boost awareness to:

  1. Recognise at least 5 things you can immediately do better to improve your interviews
  2. Influence the way someone thinks to encourage them to be more truthful
  3. Understand how to shape questions to uncover useful and relevant information
  4. Make it harder for someone to lie (and easier for you to spot if they do)
  5. Become more attentive and perceptive using a multi-channel, behavioural approach

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for professionals who seek powerful techniques that can be put into action in your very next interview.

Program Delivery Options and Duration

One day interactive classroom based program. Includes activities and video analysis. Comprehensive workbook provided.

Program Dates

Sydney – New Dates Announced Soon

Melbourne – New Dates Announced Soon

Brisbane – New Dates Announced Soon

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