Perceptive Interviewing® Series

There are many professional roles that rely on the ability to obtain accurate information. Whether that be in a formal interview, a meeting or a more casual conversation, the quality of information you gather can mean the difference between making a great decision or a poor one.

For interviewers who are serious about getting the information they need

Since 2001 the Perceptive Interviewing® programs have strengthened the skills and awareness of people across multiple roles and industries involved in conducting interviews who seek to:

  • Improve interview preparation and planning methods
  • Read and analyse human behaviour through multi- channel awareness
  • Build faster, deeper and more effective rapport and connections
  • Notice subtle emotions, micro expressions and accurately read body language
  • Identify, decode and navigate Truth Dilemmas® in the interview process
  • Learn to apply the best Truth Tools® to encourage more truth
  • Understand the science of truth and lies and how to apply this knowledge
  • Detect signs of deception stress and know how to respond
  • Prepare and ask more effective questions
  • Evaluate the truthfulness and credibility of information
  • Boost awareness of the impact of the interviewer

Want to know more about the right Perceptive Interviewing® program for you?

Perceptive Interviewing®  for Security or Investigation Professionals

Tailored to personnel involved in law enforcement, intelligence gathering, border control, security assessing, investigations, and information gathering roles.

Perceptive Interviewing®  for Human Resource or Recruitment Professionals

Tailored to personnel involved in employment interviews, workplace enquires and investigations, and health and safety investigations.

Advanced Skills in Interviewing, Encouraging Truth and Identifying Deception

For all interviewers – when you’re ready to take your interview skills up a notch.