Advanced Skills in Interviewing,
Encouraging Truth & Identifying Deception

This advanced interviewing program builds on our other Perceptive Interviewing® programs and your on-the-job experience.

In this course, after a quick review of where you are at when it comes to the core aspects of interviewing, you will dive into the deep end of elements of interviewing that you may have not considered before.

As with all the TruthAbility programs, the overarching theme is to make sure interviewers know how to maximise the likelihood of truth whilst having sound skills to read behaviour and uncover signs of deception early. As you embark on this program, the expectation is that you have a moderate to high level of experience and can reflect on interviews that have gone very well and others that may have not gone to plan.

Course Purpose

To build on and add to existing interviewing skills, review existing interviewing methods, and overhaul them to improve the process and outcome with a focus on aspects of human behaviour.

To have interviewers feeling enthusiastic to conduct the next interview after filling their interviewing toolbox with a stack of new tools, whilst polishing up some that may have gone a bit rusty.

Who Should Attend

This Advanced Skills in Interviewing, Encouraging Truth and Identifying Deception (ASI) program is for professionals involved in conducting any type of interview, particularly where there is a higher likelihood of hidden truth and intentional deception.

Applying the knowledge in this program will give you the edge to read people more accurately, uncover hidden emotion and make more grounded decisions as to the truthfulness or credibility of information provided.

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference

This program will build on existing knowledge by providing a healthy revision of some of the core elements of effective interviewing and exploring more advanced interviewing techniques with a behavioural focus.

Learning Outcomes

  • Refine and add to existing interview planning methods
  • Discover cognitive biases that can change the way an interview unfolds
  • Build on existing awareness of effective questioning
  • Understand six multi-channel behavioural indicators
  • Enhance your skills and awareness in reading human behaviour
  • Discover additional Truth Tools® to encourage more truth from the start
  • Identify and decode and navigate Truth Dilemmas® in your interviews
  • Learn powerful questions that will help uncover false denials
  • Test your ability to notice and assess hidden facial messages
  • Influence the mind of a person who intended to be deceptive
  • Allow someone who has engaged in deception to back-track and confess the truth
  • Discover methods to help assess credibility of written statements

Training Format

Classroom based, all participants involved and interacting. Individual and small group activities. Live demonstrations and in depth video analysis of relevant material. Daily knowledge tests cement learning. Pre-reading and post training online assessment for all advanced programs.

Duration of Training

The Advanced Skills in Interviewing core program is 2 days in duration. An adapted version incorporating elements of the Perceptive Interviewing program is available for a more comprehensive blended program.