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Are you at a crossroad, feeling stuck, or longing for a fresh start? 

Speak to Elly about her signature coaching program ‘Transform Your Life'  

Meticulously crafted by Elly Johnson, an experienced coach with decades of transformative expertise, TYL is not just a program; it's a holistic journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

Whether parts of your life need an overhaul or you want help to gain clarity about the future, Transform Your Life will be the catalyst for fast and lasting change. Elly applies techniques in in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to reshape thought patterns and behaviours. She helps you to overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate a success-oriented mindset.
Your life is unique and so is your pathway to success. Below are some of the speciality areas Elly works in:

  • Life Reset and Reboot: Undertake a profound exploration of your goals, dreams, and life purpose. Elly's expert guidance helps you navigate self-discovery and set meaningful, achievable goals.   
  • Post Separation/Divorce Reset: When a chapter has closed it is time to look forward to turning the page, setting goals and intentions and going after what you want and deserve in life. Elly can help you get there.
  • Dating Success: Whether you're reentering the dating scene or seeking to enhance your current new relationship, gain invaluable insights and skills for confident and fulfilling connections.
  • Navigating Family Estrangement: If you're grappling with family estrangement, Elly provides empathetic guidance and proven strategies to heal, empower and rebuild connections. 
  • Effective Communication: Master the art of communication in personal and professional spheres. Elly equips you with tools to express yourself authentically, fostering deeper connections.
  • Career Change Support: If a career change is on your horizon, Elly offers guidance on aligning your professional life with your passions and aspirations.
  • Relationship Coaching: With decades of experience, Elly specialises in relationship coaching. Navigate the complexities of personal and professional relationships with tailored guidance.

If you're tired of tolerating what you DON'T want, I can show you a better way forward toward what you DO want!

In just 9 weeks your life will be on a new and MUCH better track...
  • You'll have crystal clear clarity about what you want
  • You'll clear limiting thoughts and emotional blocks
  • You'll have a clear and real plan of action
  • You'll be feeling calmness and alignment
  • You'll be in love with the new version of you

All of this is now possible!

What people are saying...
I really loved Elly’s no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach. I knew I was in good hands from the outset, because she takes the time to make sure there is a good client/coach fit between you. This is such an important detail that sets the foundation, allowing both parties to feel confident in the process to follow.
Changing old patterns and reassessing where you’re at on your path is no easy task, but your chances of success are so much greater with Elly by your side! Natasha Tretiach | Communications Manager
Elly's sessions left a profound impact on me. Her wisdom is boundless, and her gift for turning confusion into clarity is truly remarkable. After my divorce, struggling with confidence and speaking up, Elly's guidance empowered me to stand taller and speak my truth. I am forever grateful for her powerful coaching, and I have no doubt she will continue transforming lives.  Karina S. | Karina's Lighthouse
I have experienced Elly's coaching skills both 1:1 and in a group setting. She has a genuine passion for making a positive difference in people's lives. As 'truth' is one of her specialty topics, she is able to help people dig deep to find their inner truth and become a truer and better version of themselves. Elly's life experience and extensive training allows her to bring new perspectives to the table that help overcome blocks and limiting beliefs. Michael O'Malley | Sales & Business Manager
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