Reduce the Impact of DISHONESTY

Imagine if you could use TRUTH as superpower to make better hiring decisions, lead with greater confidence, build stronger teams and boost sales. Elly will show you how.

Through memorable stories and practical examples that make immediate impact, Elly shines a spotlight on the topics of truth, deception, interpersonal skills and human behaviour.

Elly will leave you with tips, tools and awareness that can give you an edge in personal and professional relationships. 

Boost your skills and confidence to uncover TRUTHFUL and USEFUL information in interviews, meetings, sales interactions and other communications when TRUTH matters most.

Home to the highly acclaimed Perceptive Interviewing®  training series including Perceptive Interviewing Masterclass and Perceptive Business Interviewing®.  

Recognise ways to build stronger rapport and connect on a deeper level. Learn skills to influence the flow of transparent and truthful information. 

Elly equips teams and leaders with skills and awareness that can give them the edge in the competitive business world. 

Customised programs teach specialised skills to influence truth from others and spot signs of deception. Strengthen your skills and reading human behaviour and build stronger professional relationships. 

Build trusted interpersonal connections by understanding  the science of truth and lies and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.