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Elly Johnson

Elly entertains and delights her audience sharing riveting stories from her journey from ‘cop to corporate’. She offers fresh perspectives on communication by shining a spotlight on the importance of truth, trust and authenticity in relationships. She expands awareness that helps reduce risk and protect from hidden truth in business and in life. more…

Boost your skills and confidence to uncover truthful and useful information in interviews, meetings and other human interactions. Home of the highly popular Perceptive Interviewing® Masterclass. Use the CREATE Framework™ to recognise ways to improve communication, tweak your thinking and build stronger, more authentic relationships.

Want to strengthen your relationships at work or home? Need some help to unravel frustrating communication blocks or breakdowns and move forward with more honesty and openness at the core?  Or maybe you are working in a field where you need to avoid the cost of hidden truth? Develop awareness to influence for truth and build stronger relationships.

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Elly Johnson speaker

Elly Johnson


International Keynote Speaker | Truth Guru

“I help people get a better result when truth, transparency and authenticity are important”

The topics of Truth and Lies have been at the heart of Elly’s work for over 20 years. Her interest in uncovering truth, spotting lies and understanding human behaviour first kicked off early in her career when working as a Police Officer.

Years later, Elly now concentrates on igniting awareness of how truth can impact our personal and professional lives in a significant way.

Through the lens of the 5 Truth Circles™ framework and incorporating the TRUTH-DECEPTION spectrum, Elly helps to pinpoint how truth plays a critical role in better relationships, stronger teams and a healthier workplace culture.

Elly says “At the core of many communication breakdowns sits truth waiting to be discovered and unravelled”


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