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Elly Johnson

With a specialty topic as important and as relevant as TRUTH & HONESTY, it’s no surprise Elly is a sought after speaker and trainer.

TRUTH is a versatile topic and Elly’s carefully crafted keynotes adds meaningful value at any conference or event.

A greater awareness of challenges relating to truth and honesty, or the lack of it, can put you in a stronger position for success; from sales, to relationships, in interviewing and for greater team harmony.

Boost your skills and confidence to uncover TRUTHFUL and USEFUL information in interviews, meetings, sales and other interactions when TRUTH matters most.

Home to the highly acclaimed Perceptive Interviewing®  training series including Perceptive Interviewing Masterclass and Perceptive Business Interviewing®.  

Recognise ways to connect on a deeper level and influence the flow of more transparent and truthful information.

A greater awareness of challenges relating to TRUTH can put you in a stronger position for success.

If you need help to navigate personal or professional situations where truth or honesty is an issue, speak to Elly for ways to manage a better way forward.

And, if you’re holding back on making a tough decision or not confident to face or speak truth, Elly can help you find courage and discover tools required to get a better outcome. 

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Elly Johnson


International Keynote Speaker | Truth Guru

The topic of TRUTH is my ‘thing’. 

I love learning about it, I love hearing people’s varied take on it and exploring how TRUTH impacts every single one of us every single day.

TRUTH is not black and white or right or wrong. It is far more nuanced and it gets complicated. A greater awareness of challenges relating to truth can put you in a stronger position for success.

The topic of TRUTH has been at the heart of Elly’s work for over 20 years. Her interest in uncovering truth, spotting lies and understanding human behaviour first kicked off early in her career when working as a Police Officer.


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