Dare to TRUTH®


With a specialty topic as important, as interesting and as relevant as TRUTH, it’s no surprise Elly is a sought after speaker and trainer in Australia and internationally. 

Elly’s upbeat and engaging personality, coupled with a visible passion for what she does, inspires audiences big and small and leaves them wanting more. TRUTH is a versatile topic and Elly’s carefully crafted keynotes will add meaningful value at any conference or event.

A greater awareness of challenges relating to truth can put you in a stronger position for success, from the boardroom to the bedroom and every room in between!

Through experience and international training, Elly developed specialist knowledge of human behaviour and techniques to influence for truth and detect deception in high stake settings. She has built an expansive career which has included consulting with National Security Agencies and teaching global businesses how to get the edge in interviewing, relationship building and open communication techniques.

A sample of some of Elly’s popular keynotes:

⭕️ Dare to TRUTH®:

Through a fresh lens of truth you will discover how to build a trusted reputation, improve your bottom line and increase success. Build confidence to hear, speak and uncover truth when it matters most.

⭕️ How to Distinguish TRUTH from LIES:

Debunk myths and learn tips about truth attraction and lie detection to help uncover critical information and make better decisions when the stakes are high.

⭕️ UNLEASH Your Inner Wonder Woman:

This highly engaging presentation will help you step into a new level of personal and professional confidence. All delegates receive a gift as a symbolic reminder of inner strength and untapped potential.

⭕️ Know Yourself – Know Your Customer:

Build a multi-channel communication approach to become more self-aware, understand what your customer is really telling you and improve your bottom line. Powerful ways to build rapport and a stronger connection with your customers.

⭕️ Approachable Leaders: 

Discover why TRUTH is a critical factor to becoming a leader who really knows what’s going on around you. Create stronger relationships and teams built on a foundation of truth, transparency and trust.

Elly will customise her presentation to support your company values and the theme of your event. You will receive an abundance of practical tools and tips you can implement immediately.

⭕️ The RHYTHM of TRUTH: Connect with your beat for stronger human connections. 

Everything in nature has a rhythm, a flow, a vibe. And when that rhythm is disrupted, stressed or even chaos can follow. Elly will show how truth has a rhythm and how getting in touch with the beat of truth can help you connect better with yourself and others.

“I’ll leave you with a friendly little voice on your right shoulder that will whisper ‘Dare to Truth’ when you need some help” Elly Johnson

FREE: Download '5 Ways to Lasso More Truth Out of Almost Anyone'

Learn how to encourage more truth in situations where it is likely to be hidden or twisted

Individual or Group Mentoring

Elly also works one-to-one and in small groups, coaching clients to break through limiting barriers to success.  Where truth, transparency or truth with self is an issue, Elly will help navigate the path to better relationships and outcomes.

“OMG you are bloody amazing !!!! Thank you so much Elly. I did it I did it, I smashed through the truth dilemma and the conversation went really well. He really appreciated me bringing this up again and putting it to bed for good.You are so right, he thinks I am great again and it was a relief to be able to be completely honest with him.”

– Assistant Director, Australian Government

“Just one session with Elly opened my eyes to the need to go back to the basics of open, honest and transparent communication. I didn’t realise how much impact the smoke and mirrors were having on my life and she helped me to see things I had been missing”

– Aaron J (Company name withheld)

The Source recently hosted an important networking event for our clients in Sydney and we required a speaker who would connect and engage the audience of procurement professionals.

Elly Johnson met with The Source and together decided the theme ‘Truth, Lies and Emotions’ as not only interesting, but a highly relevant topic for the procurement profession.
Elly’s presentation at our event was well loved by all attendees. She was professional, engaging and led an interesting discussion that left attendees with a thirst for more knowledge..

I highly recommend Elly to any organisation looking to engage and train their employees as well as impress their clients.
Alice Thompson-Seagrave
Senior Resource Consultant, The Source
Elly Johnson has trained & presented to my sales and senior management teams both at Jotun Australia and Hempel Australia.

Her passionate & knowledgable presentation style kept the groups engaged & involved. Her insights into reading behaviour, getting the edge in negotiations and detecting emotions and deception are valuable to anyone who deals with people.

Elly’s experience in Policing, corporate and business management gives her great insight into human behaviour - and her stories are relevant and memorable. Highly recommended!
Michael O'Malley
National Sales & Operations Manager