discover how to Use Truth as a Superpower and Watch Your Profits Soar

⭕️ The Secret to Becoming a Truth Attractor and Deception Detector

The hidden cost of deception to any business is huge. Profits are eaten away when money is wasted on bad hires, lost sales, bruised reputations and misguided communication. 

Elly can show you how to harness the power of truth and detect signs of deception, putting you in a position of strength and give you an edge that few people naturally have.

Sales People: Be known and respected for being ‘not like a typical salesperson’ and watch your sales soar.
Interviewers: Make more informed hiring decisions and save your organisation tens of thousands of dollars.
Leaders: Enhance your interpersonal skills and lead the way with insight and integrity
Team Builders: Strengthen the effectiveness of your teams by developing a healthy truth-culture
Business People: Put some science behind your gut feel and make decisions that lead to success.

⭕️ How Perceptive Interviewing® Uncovers the Information you Need

Did you know that humans have an inbuilt truth bias? It’s generally a good thing but it can also make us vulnerable to harmful deception. Understanding the science of truth and deception and how to weave this knowledge into any type of interview, can immediately boost your chances of obtaining critical information you need to make informed decisions.

In the business world, where your powers of observation can influence your next move, knowing how to apply Perceptive Interviewing® techniques can give you the edge and help you uncover information that other people miss.

⭕️ Convey and Perceive Truth in Business and Relationships

Imagine having the confidence to be able to speak truth, seek truth and spot hidden truth. What if your personal brand was synonymous with integrity and people flocked to do business with you? 

That kind of reputation, both for a person or a business, comes only with an awareness of what turns people toward or away from you and how to bring them toward you. Learn how to use truth as a superpower and gain strength and awareness that many people lack. 

Individual or Group Mentoring

Elly also works one-to-one and in small groups, coaching clients to break through limiting barriers to success.  Where truth, transparency or truth with self is an issue, Elly will help navigate the path to better relationships and outcomes.

“OMG you are bloody amazing !!!! Thank you so much Elly. I did it I did it, I smashed through the truth dilemma and the conversation went really well. He really appreciated me bringing this up again and putting it to bed for good.You are so right, he thinks I am great again and it was a relief to be able to be completely honest with him.”

– Assistant Director, Australian Government


“Just one session with Elly opened my eyes to the need to go back to the basics of open, honest and transparent communication. I didn’t realise how much impact the smoke and mirrors were having on my life and she helped me to see things I had been missing”

– Aaron J (Company name withheld)


The Source recently hosted an important networking event for our clients in Sydney and we required a speaker who would connect and engage the audience of procurement professionals.

Elly Johnson met with The Source and together decided the theme ‘Truth, Lies and Emotions’ as not only interesting, but a highly relevant topic for the procurement profession.
Elly’s presentation at our event was well loved by all attendees. She was professional, engaging and led an interesting discussion that left attendees with a thirst for more knowledge..

I highly recommend Elly to any organisation looking to engage and train their employees as well as impress their clients.
Alice Thompson-Seagrave
Senior Resource Consultant, The Source
Elly Johnson has trained & presented to my sales and senior management teams both at Jotun Australia and Hempel Australia.

Her passionate & knowledgable presentation style kept the groups engaged & involved. Her insights into reading behaviour, getting the edge in negotiations and detecting emotions and deception are valuable to anyone who deals with people.

Elly’s experience in Policing, corporate and business management gives her great insight into human behaviour - and her stories are relevant and memorable. Highly recommended!
Michael O'Malley
National Sales & Operations Manager