Since 2001, the Perceptive Interviewing® series of training programs and workshops have been praised as ‘the best interviewing course I have ever done’. 

Learn Essential Skills and Advanced Awareness to Uncover More TRUTHFUL and More USEFUL Information and Make More INFORMED DECISIONS.

Perceptive Interviewing® is all about gaining insights and growing the confidence to get the best possible result in interviews, meetings and high-stake interactions where truth is critical. 

Key Take-Aways
  • Boost your ability to influence people to be more open and truthful
  • Feel more confident to quickly connect and build rapport with people
  • Gain insight into the science of truth and lies and dispel unhelpful myths
  • Discover pitfalls and barriers that impact on your interviewing success
  • Expand your awareness of effective questioning and other ways to gain information
  • Develop your ability to see and hear more using multi-channel analysis
  • Increase your ability to spot behavioural signs of deception or dishonesty
BONUS: 49 Point Perceptive Interviewing® Checklist. All attendees with receive a comprehensive checklist to help you conduct even better interviews. 

Who Is This Training For? 

This is ideal training for new and experienced professionals who conduct formal or informal interviews, meetings or other high-stake interactions. Attendees include personnel in a cross section of roles and business sector across Australia and internationally.

Roles of People Who Have Attended This Training 

Previous attendees of both in-house, public programs and virtual programs include: HR Professionals, Intelligence Analyst and Intelligence Officers, Security Case Officers, Directors, Psychologists, Managers, Recruitment Officers, Security Vetting Officers, Managing Directors, Hiring Managers, Business Services, IT Personnel, Investigators, Consultants, Law Enforcement Officers, Business Owners, Employment Officers and more. 

Training Format 

This program is offered is various formats ranging from; face to face, virtual, 1-day express up to 4-day comprehensive programs. 

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