Perceptive Interviewing® 3-day Training. May 7-9 2024
👉 Understand how the interviewer impacts the interview
👉 Be alert to 9 common mistakes interviewers make
👉 Identify key qualities behaviours and traits of an effective interviewer
👉 Analyse communication through 5 key channels
👉 Know why the truth default matters in interviews
👉 Learn tips to build faster and stronger rapport
👉 Gain insight into why we believe lies and disbelieve truths
👉 Use the must know 3 C’s in every interview
👉 Grow awareness of the impact of unconscious bias
👉 Learn ways to help develop a truth telling environment
👉 Spot signs of avoidance and deception
👉 Influence the interview by starting strong with confidence and competence
👉 Ask the right questions, the right way at the right time
👉 Use powerful catchall questions to uncover extra information
👉 11 significant answer responses to be alert to
👉 Extend responses - methods to keep people talking and opening more
👉 Body language essentials - see what other people miss
👉 Introduction to elicitation techniques
👉 The impact of memory and forgetting in interviews