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How to Use Personal Clarity to Achieve Professional Success 

This powerful session highlights the impact of alignment in our lives and the critical importance of obtaining personal clarity. Taking people on a reflective journey, Elly leaves the audience with a new awareness and a simple tool to clear uncertainty and increase clarity. Perfect for individual growth and boosting professional performance.

How to Influence Honesty when the Truth Really Matters 
Understanding what motivates us toward or away from truthfulness is vital, whether it's in the boardroom, the lunchroom, or the bedroom! With 20+ years of expertise in truth, lies & human behaviour, Elly takes the audience on a fascinating, memorable and insightful journey. You will leave with thought provoking insights from a thought leader in these topics.

Unleash The Wonder Woman Within

Perfect for any women’s business and networking events, this uplifting and memorable presentation will speak to each individual and leave the audience feeling ready to soar.  Elly shares real life stories from her early career in law enforcement and draws parallels with lessons from the world's greatest female superhero. A special wonder woman inspired 'truth gift' is given to each audience member to help power up truth and live their best life.
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Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman Showreel

“Even the tiniest ‘aha’ moment can change your life by unlocking insights & igniting a spark toward a more PerceptiveYOU”.  Elly

Elly Johnson is an accomplished and engaging global speaker who approaches human connection though a unique lens. She brings fresh perspective to leadership and interpersonal connection by equipping people with an awareness of how to use truth as a superpower. Elly brings to the audience tools and insights that engage and truly ‘get in’.
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