Elly Johnson, a seasoned professional with over two decades of expertise, delves into the intricate and nuanced topics of truth and human communication. Rooted in her early career in law enforcement, Elly's fascination with human behaviour sparked a lifelong journey to understand the delicate relationship between people and truth.

In training, her Perceptive Interviewing® method goes beyond basics, enabling individuals to uncover valuable insights in interviews and high-stakes interactions. In leadership development, Elly guides leaders to leverage truth for stronger professional relationships and authentic leadership.

As a speaker, Elly delivers thought-provoking presentations shedding light on the powerful influence of truth in our lives. Her engaging talks leave audiences with new perspectives, weaving the important topics of truth and trust into the fabric of relationships, self-awareness, communication, leadership, and performance.

In personalised coaching sessions, Elly is passionate about helping individuals tap into a deeper truth, paving the way for a future filled with purpose, personal power, and authenticity. 

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