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Example Speaking Topics

Lead with Honesty: How ‘Truth Tweaks’ are the Key to Deeper Trust, Less Risk and Stronger Relationships

Truthfulness and honesty are key characteristic of a thriving business as they set a cultural tone and build loyalty and trust with employees and customers. Elly takes the audience on a journey, looking through the lens of her 5 Truth Circles, to discover insights and perspectives to help professionals lead with honesty to build deeper trust, reduce risk and build stronger relationships.

Influence Truth & Spot Deception in High Stake Interactions Where Truth Really Matters 

  Understanding what motivates us toward truth or deception and being aware of the impact it has is vital, whether it's in the boardroom, the lunchroom, or the bedroom! This keynote can be tailored to the audience/theme and will leave people with insights that include; Why we are so often fooled by the liar, ways to influence truthfulness, tips to help protect from harmful deception and how to live and act with more truth and integrity. 



Unleash The Wonder Woman Within - 6 tips To Help You Soar!

Perfect for any women’s business and networking events, this uplifting and powerful presentation will shake things up and leave the audience ready to soar. 
Elly shares real life stories that parallel with lessons from the world's greatest female superhero. A special wonder woman inspired gift is given to each audience member to help power up truth and live their best life.

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