Body Language for Success

One day MasterClass Workshop. This workshop can literally change your life!

Being aware of what your body says without the words is one of the most powerful personal skills to have. Add to that an above average ability to accurately read others and notice subtle behaviours and you are on your way to more success in all parts of your life.

Investing in this workshop will help you to:

  • Boost your confidence in any situation
  • Get the job you want or the partner you want
  • Know when someone is hiding the truth
  • Influence others to like you, buy from you or trust you
  • Connect more quickly with others
  • Get the information you need from others
  • Build stronger personal and professional relationships
  • Know what you need to tweak to get a better result and more success

In this fun and fast-paced workshop you will build on what you already know about people, behaviour and what our bodies say without words. The workshop is full of interesting and relevant material and includes practical information about:

  • First impressions and how to ace them
  • The neuroscience of body language
  • The impact of posture
  • Reading and controlling facial expressions
  • Subtle emotions and micro expressions
  • How to use a power stance
  • Personal preferences and proxemics
  • Signs of truth vs deception
  • Cultural difference awareness
  • All about gestures
  • Powerful ways to build and keep rapport
  • Body language in today’s tech world and why that is relevant

You will learn a ton of information that you can begin to apply, even before you leave the workshop. And when you get home that night or to work the next day, you will already be noticing things you missed before and people will be noticing your boosted confidence and presence.

No matter what you do or who you are, the knowledge in this program can help you do it better. Register today and get excited about taking your awareness about the language of your body to the next level.

Behavioural Trainer, Truth Coach and Body Language Expert, Elly Johnson, has been working with people for over 20 years, helping them to build self-awareness and notice important things that others miss. As a former police officer, Elly has been aware of the super-power of reading non-verbal behaviour from early in her career.

She has delivered behavioural training through workshops, coaching and seminars to thousands of people in Australia and internationally and is passionate about helping others reach a higher level of success in life.